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2020 Free Webinars on Library of Defense

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In addition to the CLE Archive packages available here in our store, don't miss the free webinars available to all OCDLA members on the Library of Defense.

In 2020, these include:

The Oregon Indian Child Welfare Act & the Federal Indian Child Welfare Act for Dummies
Addie Smith, Senior Consultant, Whitener Group

Black Lives Matter: Reducing Racial Disparities in Oregon's Criminal Justice System via Sentencing and Jury Reform
Jesse Wm. Barton, Salem, and Rosa Colquitt, PhD, Chair of the Democratic Party of Oregon's Black Caucus and Co-Chair of Oregon's delegation to the Democratic National Convention

Freedom Is a Constant Struggle: A Juneteenth CLE on Representing Protesters
Mae Lee Browning, OCDLA Legislative Director, Kenneth Kreuscher, Portland, Justin Rosas, Ashland, Kasia Rutledge, Portland, and Emily Simon, Ashland

Conducting Legislative History Research Online
Marc Brown, Office of Public Defense Services

Supporting Motions to Sever with Science: Juror Prejudice in Joined Criminal Trials
Cort Heroy, Eugene

Defeating Joinder When the State Alleges 'Same or Similar' Acts
Aaron Jeffers, Public Defender of Marion County

Veterans Defense Update and More
Jesse Wm. Barton, Salem

DCS Substantial Quantities
Ryan Scott, Portland

Ramos: PCR Overview
Lindsey Burroughs and Aliza Kaplan, Portland

Ramos: Breaking Down the Victory
Marc D. Brown, Office of Public Defense Services, and Ryan Scott, Portland

Online Meetings and Confidentiality
Joshua Cohen, Fat Pencil Studios, James Comstock, Investigator, Sara Foroshani, Marion PD, and Susan Elizabeth Reese, Newport