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2020 Search & Seizure CLE Archive

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OCDLA Search & Seizure Webinar Series

Moderators: Erik Blumenthal of Office of Public Defense Services and Grant Hartley of Metropolitan Public Defenders

Part One, September 25
Two Hours:

Race, Police Trauma and the Fourth Amendment
Kristin Henning, Agnes N. Williams Research Professor; Professor of Law; Director, Juvenile Justice Clinic, Georgetown Law • Read more

Race, Police Trauma and the Fourth Amendment 
While recent highly-visible police killings have shed some light on the abuses of police power, defenders know all too well that police “brutality” is much broader than these horrible deaths. For many people of color, the daily, discriminatory and unnecessary encounters with police are overwhelming and traumatic. In this interactive workshop, defenders will learn how to incorporate research about racial bias, police trauma and stereotype threat into their search and seizure litigation. This workshop will focus on several contexts in which racial bias and trauma affect the Fourth Amendment analysis, including seizure, consent to search, reasonable articulable suspicion and probable cause, and the court’s “commonsense interpretation” of “suspect” behaviors. Drawing upon recent advances in cognitive science and psychology, this training attempts to bring the search and seizure doctrine into line with what we know about implicit racial bias and contemporary relationships between people of color and the police.

Part Two, October 2
Two Hours

Mansor and Warrants to Search Digital Media
 Emily Seltzer and Sara Werboff, Office of Public Defense Services, Salem

Motions to Controvert and Suppress: Attacking Search Warrants
Grant Hartley, Metropolitan Public Defenders, Portland

Part Three, October 9
Two Hours:
Ramirez and Beyond: Practical Tips Regarding Officer Safety Exceptions
Megha Desai, Multnomah Defenders, Inc., Portland

OPDS Appellate Update
Erik Blumenthal, Office of Public Defense Services, Salem


In Oregon, the total number of approved credits for watching/listening to the recordings plus  purchasing the written material is  2 access to justice and 4 general credits.

The program will also qualify for credit with the Department of Public Safety Standards and Training.

Consortia and Law Offices wishing multiple licenses, contact OCDLA.