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DUII Notebook 2020 edition

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Product description:

Edited by Max Mizejewski & Ben Eder

2020 EDITION  OCDLA's flagship manual is now in its 11th edition. 18 chapters and over 730 pages, the DUII Notebook even sports a new name to reflect the expanded scope of casework involved.

INCLUDES February 2022 Update.

What’s new from previous editions:

“DREs and Cannabis”presents a full treatment of the DRE program, the multiple drug categories under focus, and an in-depth discussion of cannabis from the perspective of law enforcement, and offers tips on trial preparation and typical defense arguments.
“You and Your Client” – expanding on “The Client” chapter and incorporating new material about managing your client while staying sane, and counseling the addicted client. 
• Significant new pretrial motions have been added.

• “Implied Consent Hearings," “Diversion," "The File," “Breath, Blood & Urine,” “Violations and Related Charges” and “Appeals” have all had major lifts. 

Cases Discussed: Banks, Beltran Chavez, Guzman, Hedgpeth and more.

2022 Resource Guide – with links to the NHTSA SFST manual, the DRE pre-school, student and instructor manuals, the ARIDE (Advanced Roadside Impairment Driving Enforcement) manual, and scores of additional links. Located in the Master Table of Contents (hard copy purchasers require a separate link or PDF for access)

Table of Contents:
Introduction—Max Mizejewski
Chapter 1—The Offense: Misdemeanor, Felony, and Boats/Bikes/Other Vehicles – Shannon Mortimer, Jason Short, Mark Gorski, Bruce Tarbox and Robert Crow
Chapter 2—You and Your Client – Anna Sammons and Max Mizejewski
Chapter 3—The File – Randall Snow
Chapter 4—Implied Consent Hearings – Hugh Duvall
Chapter 5—Discovery, Disclosure & Notice – Richard Oberdorfer
Chapter 6—Diversion – Edward LeClaire
Chapter 7—Pretrial Motions – Rankin Johnson, John Robb, Robert Crow, and Ben Eder
Chapter 8—Investigators & Experts – Robert Crow and Eidar Gonzales
Chapter 9—Field Sobriety Tests – Peter Carini, Colin Andries, and Trace Schreiner
Chapter 10—DREs and Cannabis – Max Mizejewski and Justin Morehouse
Chapter 11—Breath, Blood and Urine – Don Molnar and Kenn Meneely
Chapter 12—Violations and Related Charges – Mark Cogan and Jeff Turnoy
Chapter 13—MJOA/Mistrials and Objections – Joshua Pond and Ben Eder
Chapter 14—The Defense Case/The State’s Case – Bob Thuemmel and David Eder
Chapter 15—Voir Dire, Opening & Closing – Russell Barnett, III, and Ed Kroll
Chapter 16—Jury Instructions – L. Todd Wilson
Chapter 17—Sentencing – Lisa Ludwig and Stacey Reding
Chapter 18—Appeals – Bear Wilner-Nugent
Additional Editorial Assistance: Sarah Laidlaw, Terri Wood & Justin Morehouse
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Designed to be most informative in the web-active PDF format, the book has hyperlinks to dozens of resources, reference material and case law for use in each phase of the case.

Hard Copy
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• 2-inch 3-ring binder and 18 mylar tabs