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2019 Annual Conference CLE Archive

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Thursday, June 13

DUII — Banks and Beyond: Suppression of Refusals                   
and New Strategies to Challenge Breath, Blood, and Urine Tests Under “Implied Consent”
Drew Baumchen, Lake Oswego  

Appellate Update: 40 Years of Law in Oregon: What’s Happening — 1979
Marc Brown and Kali Montague, OPDS Appellate Division, Salem

Breaking Blue: Challenging Police Officer Credibility at Motions and Trials                       
Jennifer Sellitti, Director of Training and Communications, New Jersey Office of the Public Defender, Trenton, NJ      

Rodriguez/Buck to Carey-Martin: The Development of Oregon’s Proportionality Analysis                       
The Honorable Bronson James, Oregon Court of Appeals, Salem  

Friday, June 14

Appellate Update — 40 Years of Law in Oregon What’s Happening — 2019
Marc Brown and Brett Allin, OPDS Appellate Division, Salem

Challenging Enhancement Facts, A to Z 
Jesse Wm. Barton, Salem

Immigration Consequences of Criminal Convictions and the Immigrant Rights Project
Joseph J. Rollin and Erin McKee, Oregon Justice Resource Center, Portland

Judicial Ethics: How to Make a Record with a Hard Charging Judge and What You Need to Know
About the Commission on Judicial Fitness and Disability
Amanda Alvarez Thibeault, Hillsboro (ethics credit)

Inherent Prejudice in Joined Trials
Cort Heroy, Client Management and Trial Strategies, Eugene 

Federal Constitutional Issues in Criminal Defense: Beyond the Fourth, Fifth and Even the Sixth Amendments
Tony Bornstein, Federal Public Defender, Portland    

Nonroutine Expenses: How to Convince OPDS to Pay for
What You Want   
Kevin Ellis, St. Helens and Eric Deitrick, OPDS Appellate
Division, Salem  

RN for Social Justice: How to Read Medical Records
Jennifer Grossman, Executive Director, Nurses for Social Justice, Brooklyn, NY  

Representing Women Who Have Experienced Abuse  
Sara Foroshani, Public Defender of Marion County, Salem     (access to justice credit)

When the Lone Wolf Needs a Pack: Delegation, Workflow, and Working in Teams 
Lee J. Wachocki, Practice Management Advisor, Professional Liability Fund, Tigard; Lisa Ludwig, Attorney, Portland; Russ Bretan, Court Discovery Management, Oregon City 

Saturday, June 15

The Criminal Legal System Needs a Radical Revolution of Values, Not Just Reform
Bill Quigley, Professor of Law and Director of the Loyola Law Clinic & the Gillis Long Poverty Law Center, Loyola University, New Orleans, LA

Legislative Update & OPDS Update        
Mary Sofia, OCDLA Legislative Advocate, Eugene & Eric Deitrick, OPDS Appellate Division, Salem

In Oregon, the total number of approved credits for listening to all of the audio in the audio package if you also purchase the written material:

• 13.5 general, 1 ethics, and 1 access to justice credit.

The program will also qualify for credit with the Department of Public Safety Standards and Training.

Consortia and Law Offices wishing multiple licenses, contact OCDLA.