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2019 Forensic Science CLE Archive

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September 13–14, 2019 • Agate Beach Inn, Newport

 The Nuts and Bolts of DNA: Science, Discovery and Litigation
           Karen Lawless, Forensic Scientist, Forensic Edge Consulting, Forest Grove, and Janis Puracal, Attorney, Forensic Justice Project, Portland
Daubert and 104 Hearings: Challenging the Government’s Forensic Science
          Patrick Sweeney, Attorney, Portland
Shaken Baby Syndrome, Abusive Head Trauma, Non-accidental Trauma: An Evolution of Bad Science  
          Michael Bertholf, Attorney, Medford
 Fighting Forensic Fallacies and Dislodging Discovery Documents: What You Can Discover If You Ask
         Russell Barnett, Attorney, Portland
Up In Smoke: Putting Fire ‘Science’ to the Test in the Courtroom
          Andrew Lauersdorf, Attorney, Portland
Challenges to Your Identification Expert, Combating Cross-Examination and the State’s Use of an Eyewitness Identification Expert
            Ilona Coleman, Legal Director for the Criminal Defense Practice, Bronx Defenders, New York, NY
Cross-Examination of the Eyewitness
            Bridget Krause, Public Defender’s Office, Milwaukee, WI
Attorneys and Forensic Scientists: What to Expect When Working Together
          Dianna Gentry, Attorney, Portland, and Karen Green, Green Forensics, Puyallup, WA
Pattern Matching: Challenging Subjective Disciplines in Forensic Science
          Gentry Roth, Mach 1 Forensics, Clackamas
Ethics and Fitness to Proceed Under Senate Bill 24
          Elizabeth Wakefield, Metropolitan Public Defenders, Portland
          Stacey Reding, Multnomah Public Defenders, Inc., Portland



In Oregon, the total number of approved credits for listening to all of the audio in the audio package if you also purchase the written material:

• 8.5 general & 1 ethics credit

The program will also qualify for credit with the Department of Public Safety Standards and Training.

Consortia and Law Offices wishing multiple licenses, contact OCDLA.