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Updates are added at no additional charge!
• Felony Sentencing Manual Updates – January 2024
• Still at War Manual Updates – October 2023
• Search & Seizure Manual Updates – August 2023
• DUII Notebook – updated March 2022, upcoming in March 2024

OCDLA’s online subscription service provides access to TEN major publications (a $2000 value!) for just $149 a year.

Access is easy. As a subscriber, simply log in. Look for the  "OCDLA Books Online" tab on the Library of Defense. Search and find material from anywhere—your tablet in the courtroom, your phone in the hall, your laptop at home. Leave the books in the office, the PDFs on your desktop. (Note: You can access your account from a variety of devices, but only one device can be logged in at a time.)

All cumulative Updates have been incorporated directly into the main text, providing a seamless reading experience. In addition, mid-year updates and amendments will be incorporated free. You only pay the yearly subscription fee.
This new subscription service offers access to an extraordinary wealth of information, in a user-friendly format, for only $149 a year.
The publications subscription service represents an outstanding value, is a tremendous research tool, and it's only available to OCDLA members. Sign up now and try it out.

For multiple subscriptions, please contact OCDLA, (541) 686-8716. 
For $149 a year, subscribers have access to the latest updated editions of:

• Defending Sex Cases: Strategies from Allegation to Resolution (a $225 value)

• The DUII Notebook (a $250 value) – 2020 edition, Added March 2020, 18 chapters, 736 pages, our best DUII Notebook yet!

• Felony Sentencing in Oregon (a $275 value)

• Search & Seizure Manual (a $225 value)

• Scientific Evidence (a $125 value)

• Mental Health and Criminal Defense (a $275 value)

• Post Judgment & Extraordinary Remedies (a $225 value)

• The Trial Notebook (a $225 value)

• Investigator’s Manual (a $125 value)

• Still at War: Dealing with Oregon's Veteran Defendant Crisis (a $125 value)