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2014 Juvenile Law Seminar: Preserving the Promise of Juvenile Court

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Understanding, Avoiding, Mitigating and Removing Collateral Consequences
Wendy Johnson, Oregon Law Commission, Salem, and Lisa Kay, Youth, Rights and Justice, Attorneys at Law, Portland

Raised on the Registry: The Irreparable Harm of Placing Children on Sex Offender Registries in the U.S., Part I (Live Video Feed)
Oregon practitioners will benefit from this multi-state and federal perspective.
Nicole Pittman, Lawyer and Consultant, Advocating for Youth Affected by Sex Offender Laws

Practicing What Pittman Preaches
Emily Simon, Portland, and Sonja Rietman, Metropolitan Public Defenders Office, Hillsboro

Questions and Answers with Emily
Emily Simon

Cross-Examining the Psychologist
Katherine Berger, Portland

Results May Vary: Enhanced Performance Under State Bar Standards (ethics)
Paul Levy, Office of Public Defense Services, Salem, and Lea Ann Easton, Portland

Immigration - Dependency and Delinquency
Anna Ciesielski, Oregon Immigration Group, Portland

Appellate Update
Shannon Storey and Sarah Peterson, Office of Public Defense Services, Salem

Legislative Update: Aid and Assist, Records, eCourt and More
Mark McKechnie, Executive Director, Youth, Rights and Justice, Attorneys at Law, Portland

Child Abuse Reporting: More Than a CLE Credit (child abuse reporting)
Linda Guss, Oregon Department of Justice, Medford