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2014 Search and Seizure Seminar: Let Freedom Ring

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Tensions and Trends Within Oregon Search and Seizure Law
Peter Gartlan, Office of Public Defense Services, Salem

Motion to Seat the Defendant in the Gallery, and Other Fun Ways to Keep Out First-Time In Court Identifications
Russell Barnett, III, Portland

Blood, Breath and Tears: The Future of Exigent Circumstances under Machuca, Mazzola and Moore
Kali Montague, Office of Public Defense Services, Salem

Riley and the Future of Electronic Privacy
Bronson James, Portland

Miranda and Suppressing Your Client’s Statements
Ethan Levi, Portland

Federal Search and Seizure Update
Steve Sady, Federal Public Defenders Office, Portland

Seize the Day
Ryan Scott, Portland

Strategic Suppression: A Methodology for Framing and Litigating Search and Seizure Issues
Terri Wood, Eugene

Suppression in Child Pornography Cases
David McDonald, Portland
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