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Defending Sex Cases: Strategies from Allegation to Resolution

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Edited by Steven J. Sherlag & David T. McDonald

NEW! OCDLA's long-awaited manual for trying sex cases is here. Ever feel like you're fighting a Hydra-headed prosecution when defending sex crime allegations? Being double- or triple-teamed by the Multidisciplinary Team? Facing child complainants contaminated by ongoing prosecution interviews? Fighting motions to admit prior bad acts? So many questions when you're looking for answers!

The answers are here.
OCDLA is proud to release the long-awaited Defending Sex Cases manual! You will find it was worth the wait. telling the defendant’s story, evaluating physical findings, challenging hearsay and other act evidence, false memories, how to try the case: jury selection, cross-examination, jury instructionsand so much more! Lessons about handling complex, difficult cases — information you can use in other types of cases — from people who’ve been in the trenches. Three years in the making!

Table of Contents:
Foreword: David T. McDonald
Introduction: Steven J. Sherlag
Chapter 1: Precharge Representation – Valerie Wright
Chapter 2: Getting Your Client Out: Release and Bail – Thad Betz
Chapter 3: Themes In Sex Crimes Defense: Developing, Polishing and Presenting the Stories of Your Defense at Every Stage of Your Case – Steven J. Sherlag
Chapter 4: Preparing the Case: Discovery, Investigation and Obtaining Evidence – Steve Eberlein & Seth White
Chapter 5: False Memories Happen – Steven J. Sherlag
Chapter 6: Experts/ Multidisciplinary Team in child Sex Abuse – Richard Cohen
Chapter 7: Physical Findings – Bob Moon
Chapter 8: She Said What? Hearsay Evidence – Bryan Francesconi
Chapter 9: They Want to Introduce What? Other Act Evidence – David T. McDonald
Chapter 10: “Vouching”: Comments On Witness Credibility – Susan Elizabeth Reese
Chapter 11: Other Evidence Matters – Brian Schmonsees
Chapter 12: Demurrers and Motions – Matthew McHenry
Chapter 13: The Art of Jury Selection – Whitney Boise
Chapter 14: The Art of Cross-Examination – Shaun S. McCrea
Chapter 15: Preserving Your Record for Post-Trial Litigation – Kendra Matthews & Joshua B. Ewing
Chapter 16: Jury Instructions and Stipulations – Jason Thompson & Zack Stern
Chapter 17: Mitigation, Negotiation and Sentencing – Thad Betz
Chapter 18: Child Pornography – Per Olson, Megan McVicar, and Josiah Roloff
Chapter 19: Sex Offender Registration and Relief – Mike De Muniz

Cover Design: Kalaija Mallery

Additional Editorial Assistance: Tony Bornstein, Sarah Laidlaw & Terri Wood

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