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Monthly Appellate Update Series – May 2022

Cutting Edge Issues and Strategic Litigation

Online via Zoom

Monthly Appellate Update Series – May 2022

Cutting Edge Issues and Strategic Litigation

Online via Zoom
The Appellate Update: Cutting-Edge Issues & Strategic Litigation

Dates: May 27, 2022
Time: 12:00–1:00 p.m.
Cost & Registration:
Free to all OCDLA members. Request Registration Link.
NEW! CLE Credit available

Dates: Ongoing. A monthly update occurring on the final Friday of the month (subject to holidays) from Noon to 1 p.m. over Zoom.

Friday, May 27, 2022: Lineup
    •    Chief Deputy Defender Josh Crowther and Deputy Defender Mark Kimbrell from OPDS Appellate Division will discuss recent criminal and criminal-adjacent appellate decisions including State v. Alcaraz (license checks), State v. Edwards (search incident to arrest), and the latest petitions for review.
    •    Senior Deputy Defender Zack Mazer will drop in to see what condition our mental state conditions are in, including thoughts on the court’s holdings in State v. Owen, State v. Shiffer, and State v. McKinney.

Description: Stay abreast of recent developments in the law and join Josh Crowther, OPDS appellate attorneys, and special guests on the last Friday of the month to discuss key appellate decisions. The update will include recent decisions and orders from the Oregon Supreme Court, Oregon Court of Appeals, and United States Supreme Court with an emphasis on identifying cutting edge issues, strategic litigation possibilities, and preservation.

Materials: The materials will include case summaries, court media releases, notes on decisions, and relevant motions in some cases. The materials will also identify the trial and appellate attorney involved in the case and other interested allyships for purposes of coordinating ongoing litigation.
CLE Credit: OPDS will apply for a general CLE credit with the Oregon State Bar after the presentation. To obtain the credit, send an email to and include the date of the presentation in the header with your OSB number or go to OSB website and add the credit to your transcript.
Who May Attend? This program is open to OCDLA Members defense lawyers and those professional and law students directly involved in the defense function.  






No OCDLA registration necessary. Call OCDLA at 541/686-8716 for the Zoom link.