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Managing Audio/Video Discovery in 21st Century Criminal Defense

Thursday, 5/13 at 4 PM

Online via Zoom

Managing Audio/Video Discovery in 21st Century Criminal Defense

Thursday, 5/13 at 4 PM

Online via Zoom
Managing High Volumes of Audio & Video Discovery in 21st Century Criminal Defense
Date: May 13, 2021
Time: 4:00-4:30 p.m.

Cost & Registration:
Free to all OCDLA members. Register here.

Are you spending hours manually reviewing body camera footage, interrogation videos, and other audiovisual discovery? 

Join your OCDLA colleagues for a 30-minute presentation and discussion. 

Eighty percent of criminal cases involve some form of video evidence, and increased volumes of audiovisual discovery are fundamentally transforming modern criminal defense practice. 

JusticeText is an evidence management tool designed to expedite the review of high volumes of audiovisual discovery and strengthen the ability of criminal defense lawyers to advocate for their clients. The software generates automated transcripts of evidence and makes it easy to take time-stamped notes, generate video clips, and catalog information in one centralized platform. 

JusticeText CEO Devshi Mehrotra will demonstrate how to use JusticeText to extract relevant insights from hours of audio and video data. The startup has been piloting their software with public defenders across the country and will be launching to a select group of private criminal defense lawyers in summer 2021. Learn more about what JusticeText users have to say:

“I see such tremendous value in JusticeText. I remember doing my own “transcription” of a 3 and ½ hour police interview on VHS. It was ghastly. Your program is a wonderful benefit. I only do homicide cases, and almost all significant interviews are electronically recorded.”
Capital Defender in North Carolina

“At every point of the case you’re working with discovery, whether it’s advising a client about options, or you’re negotiating, or you’re getting ready for trial. JusticeText has been so helpful during these processes. I used to have to do two passes through any video and audio discovery. JusticeText allows me to do just one pass through the content, cutting the amount of time that I spend on review in half.”
Public Defender in RioGrande, Texas

Who may attend?
This program is open to defense lawyers and those professionals and law students directly involved in the defense function.






No OCDLA registration necessary. Call OCDLA at 541/686-8716 for the Zoom link.