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Trials During Covid/Ethics - August 7 2020 Webinar

Friday, 8/7 12 PM

Online via Zoom

Trials During Covid/Ethics - August 7 2020 Webinar

Friday, 8/7 12 PM

Online via Zoom
Planning Through the Pandemic: Practical and Ethical Issues During Times of Crisis and in the Covid-19 Era

Date: Friday, August 7, 2020
Time: 12:00–1:00 p.m.

Cost & Registration: This webinar is for Members only, with special Covid-19 pricing of $25 regular, $15, living lightly.

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CLE: 1 ethics credit, pending approval

Presenter: David Elkanich, Portland
This is a remarkable time – lawyers are working remotely, courts are closed, and we are using Zoom regularly.  Are lawyers working from home or living at work?  The reality is that working remotely is difficult, and this presentation will explore lawyers’ ethical obligations under these circumstances.

• How do lawyers competently represent our clients when the courts are open one day and closed the next, or when lawyers can’t get into their own office? 

• Do conflicts arise if the client wants to go to trial but the lawyer is concerned about health risks? 

• What are the ethical implications if a court tries to order a lawyer to trial? 

This presentation will advise lawyers on best practices to work remotely and competently while effectively representing clients during a pandemic.

The next seminar in this series is at noon on Friday, August 14, on Sentencing Mitigation and Habeas.

Can you chip in $10? $25? Any support appreciated. Donate here. Thank you.

*** CLE Credit pending approval. The webinar will be recorded and available for purchase/CLE credit.  ***



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